December 2, 2022

It’s Not Goodbye

Not to brag, but I currently hold the honor of “most favorite person in the world” with my almost-three-year-old. I’m soaking it up because I know this glory will be fleeting. With our two older kids, I’ve already been edged out by the iPad, other hobbies, and school buddies. As every parent knows, it’s fun to see our kids start to spread their wings, but also a little sad to let them go.

After a lot of soul-searching, I have come to realize that I only get one chance at this life, and I don’t want to spend all of it behind a computer screen – as fun as that’s been! The moment has come for me to put more energy toward my family, friends and in-person happenings. For those reasons, I am doing something I have never done before: stepping back – or at least, sideways – from a career opportunity. I am certainly not the first to make this decision, but boy has it been a tough one!

Our intrepid Senior Editor, John Jenkins, who you all know and love, is going to be taking over the Managing Editor role here – effective at year-end. His 35 years of practice on high-profile activist battles, deals, and day-to-day corporate governance and securities work give him a deep understanding of what practitioners need to be successful. He’s already been doing most of the heavy lifting on the “providing practical guidance” front – which he is somehow able to do in a straightforward and entertaining way, despite the complex material. I will never tire from reading John’s analysis, whether it’s a 10-page article in The Corporate Counsel or a 3-sentence response on the Q&A forum. What’s different is that now, he’ll also be the person you go to if you need to “speak to the manager.”

Eventually, you’ll need to make an update to your address book to make sure you still receive all of our blogs – stay tuned for more info. But other than that, not much will change for you – and please don’t delete my contact info! I’ll still be here in a part-time role – which will include blogging, lining up webcasts and events, and helping with whatever John calls on me to do.

In a couple of months, I’ll also be returning to private practice at a firm, which will keep me closer to the issues that everyone is dealing with and make the guidance that I share here more useful. One thing that’s surprised me about this job is how much I’ve missed working directly with clients. I’m looking forward to climbing back in the trenches – with the added benefit of the past 6 years’ of experience. In addition to that and being part of a firm that is very involved in the local community, I have to admit that I’ve also missed hearing crazy stories from colleagues in other practice areas. Is there anything more entertaining than story time from the litigators about “what not to do”?

I hope to land at something closer to a 40-hour workweek – which would leave more breathing room for family, friends and local involvement. If anyone has tips for sticking to this – a “reduced schedule” in the law firm world – I’m all ears. Drop me a note at I’ll collect these nuggets of wisdom and share them in a follow-up blog!

Liz Dunshee