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All subscriptions are based on a calendar year. To sign up for our auto-renewal program or to learn about our current promotions, please contact us at or 800-737-1271.

Please note that a subscription to only provides access to the back issues of our print publications - The Corporate Counsel and The Corporate Executive - only if you are a subscriber of those print publications. "Back issues" means issues that are one year older or more - it does not include more recent issues. 1  Occasionally, we get asked what is the difference between and the Romeo & Dye Annual Service. supplements the Romeo & Dye Annual Service - and does not contain everything that the Section 16 Annual Service offers. Here's how they differ.



1Please note that access to the Back Issues of the hard-copy print publications - The Corporate Counsel and The Corporate Executive - requires you to have subscriptions to those print publications for each location as well as a membership to These Back Issues reside on We reserve the right - at any time - to refuse access to these Back Issues if your firm cancels or does not renew any subscriptions to these hard copy publications.



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