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Our "no-risk" trial is quite simple - If at any time you are not completely satisfied with any of our services - including TheCorporateCounsel.net - simply tell us and we will refund the entire cost of the year's membership.

You can enter into a "no-risk" trial by one of three methods: online, by e-mail (info@thecorporatecounsel.net) - or by calling us at 512.485.1288.

To enter into a "no-risk" trial online for any of our print or online publications, please select from the following:

Comprehensive Price List: Here is a PDF that is a universal order form with the current prices for all of our publications and web sites.

All subscriptions are based on a calendar year. We welcome any suggestions for different arrangements, please contact us info@thecorporatecounsel.net or 512.485.1288.

Firmwide use1 - We separately negotiate firmwide use proposals with law firms. Among the many benefits of firmwide use is the ability to have access to our site through your intranet without anyone having to hassle with user ids and passwords. If interested in a firmwide license, call our headquarters at 512.485.1288 or email info@thecorporatecounsel.net.

TheCorporateCounsel.net is quite different than our print publications, The Corporate Counsel and The Corporate Executive. Here's how they differ.


1Please note that access to the Back Issues of the hard-copy print publications - The Corporate Counsel and The Corporate Executive - requires you to have subscriptions to those print publications for each location as well as a membership to TheCorporateCounsel.net. These Back Issues reside on TheCorporateCounsel.net. We reserve the right - at any time - to refuse access to these Back Issues if your firm cancels or does not renew any subscriptions to these hard copy publications.

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