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  • - Our web site devoted to corporate & securities law and corporate governance issues - including monthly webcast programs, sample documents, handbooks, checklists, and daily news
  • The Corporate Counsel print newsletter - Our practical bi-monthly print publication devoted to corporate finance and corporate governance issues - published for over 40 years
  • The Corporate Executive print newsletter - Our practical bi-monthly print publication devoted to executive compensation issues - published for over 25 years
  • "In-House Essentials Treatise" - Hard copy of the definitive work for in-house securities lawyers
  • "Proxy Season Disclosure Treatise" - Hard copy of the definitive work on the proxy season
  • "Practical Corporate Governance Treatise" - Hard copy of the definitive work on corporate governance, includes over 300 checklists
  • Section 16 Annual Service - A hard copy package of the Romeo & Dye "Section 16 Forms & Filings Handbook;" "Section 16 Deskbook" and the quarterly "Section 16 Updates" newsletter
  • - Our web site devoted to Section 16 issues, including ongoing Q&A with Alan Dye and an online version of the Romeo & Dye "Section 16 Forms & Filings Handbook" and the "Section 16 Treatise"
  • Section 16 Bootcamp - A combination of three resources for Section 16 beginners, including 14 online videos, a copy of "Section 16 Tales" paperback
  • Section 16 Tales - A Section 16 Beginner's Manual - a 200-page paperback - filled with practical stories from in-house practitioners
  • Romeo & Dye's Section 16 Filer - Our simple and practical Edgarizer and e-filing software for Section 16 forms
  • Romeo & Dye's Section 16 Treatise - The 5th Edition of Romeo & Dye's Section 16 Treatise, the major work on Section 16!
  • - Our website containing online version of Lynn & Borges' "Executive Compensation Disclosure Treatise" and hordes of other resources devoted to responsible compensation practices & disclosures
  • Lynn & Borges' "Executive Compensation Disclosure Treatise" - Online version of this Treatise is part of a membership - but hard copies of the book can be purchased separately here
  • - Our website that is the consummate M&A resource for acquisitive minds
  • Deal Lawyers print newsletter - Our bi-monthly print publication for dealmakers, devoted to practical guidance regarding M&A practices
  • Deal U. Workshop - An online course for M&A novices, with nearly 60 podcasts, 36 situational scenarios & online access to Jenkins' Practical M&A Treatise.
  • Jenkins' "Practical M&A Treatise" - John Jenkins has put together the most practical - & comprehensive - tome on mergers & acquisitions
  • Enhanced "In-House Accelerator" - The "In-House Accelerator" Paperback is now available online to members of, along with a syllabus linking to on-point checklists & handbooks and topical podcasts & quizzes
  • Membership Referral Program - Give a colleague 10% off their first CCRcorp purchase when you refer them to us, and get your own 10% discount once the purchase is completed.


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