October 13, 2021

Today: “Proxy Disclosure Conference – Part 1”

Today and tomorrow is our “Proxy Disclosure Conference” – Friday is our “18th Annual Executive Compensation Conference.” Here are the agendas: 17 substantive panels over 3 days – plus an interview with Renee Jones, the new Director of the SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance. Check out the speaker videos to see what has our speakers excited about this year’s conference. Here’s more info:

How to Attend: Once you log in to the Conference Platform, follow the agenda tab to enter sessions and add them to your calendar. All sessions are shown in Eastern Time – so you will need to adjust accordingly if you’re in a different time zone. Here’s today’s agenda. If you have any questions about accessing the conference, please contact Victoria Newton at

How to View Archives & Transcripts: Members of or who register for the Conferences will be able to access the conference archives on these sites using their existing login credentials beginning about a week after the event, and unedited transcripts will be available to these members on and beginning about 2-3 weeks after the event. If you’ve registered for the conferences through CCRcorp but are not a member, we will send login information to access the conference footage and transcripts on or

If you registered for the conferences through NASPP, you will receive access to the video archives from NASPP.

How to Earn CLE Online: Please read these “CLE FAQs” carefully to confirm that your jurisdiction allows CLE credit for online programs. You will need to respond to periodic prompts every 15-20 minutes during the conference to attest that you are present. After the conference, you will receive an email with a link. Please complete the link with your state license information. Our CLE provider will process CLE credits to your state bar and also send a CLE certificate to your attention within 30 days of the conference.

John Jenkins