May 22, 2019

More on “Board Meetings: How to Handle Director Notes?”

Over on the “Mentor Blog,” I recently blogged about how to handle a director who wanted to take notes at a board meeting. Jon Cohen of Snell & Wilmer had this awesome response to my post: “I had a ‘discussion’ with a director of a client who insisted on taking, and retaining, detailed notes of board meetings. When he couldn’t be easily dissuaded, I offered him this custom-made note pad. After that, we had a much better discussion.”

In the March-April issue of “The Corporate Counsel” print newsletter – which was mailed a few months ago – check out our own analysis of note-taking during board meetings, as well as our comprehensive analysis of board minutes & resolutions…

“Celebrity” Directors: Sometimes Not a Good Thing

Recently, I blogged about how Shaq should be considered a legitimate director despite his celebrity status. I was reminded by some members that sometimes a celebrity director is not that hot an idea. Here’s one story that a member sent in:

We had a client about twenty years ago whose CEO was a buddy of a former NFL player and they put him on the board. This ex-NFL guy wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. To make a long story short, the poopy hit the proverbial fan with the company, with all sorts of potential for people to second-guess board decisions. It’s at this point that the ex-NFL guy is talking to one of my partners and says, “Boy, I’m glad I’m only a celebrity director. The real directors are in a tough spot here, aren’t they?” My colleague broke it to him gently.

Happy Anniversary Baby! 17 Years of Blogging & Counting

A few weeks ago marked my 17th anniversary – 17 years! – of my blither & bother on this blog (note the “ Blog” is nearly 16 years old – not shabby!).

It’s the one time of year that I feel entitled to toot my own horn – as it takes stamina & boldness to blog for so long. A hearty “thanks” to all those that read this blog for putting up with my personality. As I was one of the first lawyers to blog, my track record is amongst the longest as a blogger – lawyer or otherwise…

And “double thanks” for John & Liz joining our team a few years ago. It’s been great to have such wonderful people to work with – and they certainly can blog as well as me, or anyone else out there!

Broc Romanek