May 23, 2019

Shareholder Proposals: Big Tech Hits the Big Time

In this article, the WSJ says big tech has “arrived” because Amazon, Google and Facebook had so many shareholder proposals this season – 12, 13, 8, respectively. But I think protesting poop emojis are a truer sign…

Amazon’s Annual Meeting: Dancing Emojis!

I feel that I would not be doing my job if I didn’t tell you that there were dancing poop emojis outside of Amazon’s annual meeting. Or maybe I had to mention it because I’m so proud of my younger son – who graduates from UCLA next month – for landing an engineering gig at Amazon in the fall. My older son is at Google, working on the “Stadia” project. I’m a proud papa. Did you know that some Google offices have fire poles to get between floors…

Conference Pointers: Quite Literally

I’ve done some silly stuff over the years when I’ve spoken at conferences to keep the audience engaged – often I pick up some cool swag in the exhibit hall & throw it out to the audience at the midpoint of the panel (eg. nerf footballs). Here’s one of those moments from a dozen years ago at the Society of Corporate Secretaries’ annual conference:

Broc Romanek