July 6, 2017

Remembering Bill Carter

I’m sad to note that Bill Carter passed away last week. Bill served in Corp Fin for 30 years, most of them in the Office of Chief Counsel. Perhaps most notable is that Bill was primarily responsible for hiring several generations of Corp Fin Staffers over many years – including me.

Along with Bill Morley, Bill conducted the first – and often only – interviews with possible candidates. I remember my interview – right out of law school – vividly. Those two were cool customers. I had no idea how I fared in the interview. Little did I know that having gone to the University of Maryland Law School made me a “shoo in.”

I was with a bunch of former Staffers last week when we found out about Bill. We all had our Bill stories. For example, Bill apparently wanted to be a veterinarian. Bill was a real class act. When he announced his retirement in the late ’90s, I was working in OCC with Bill – and I tried to set him up with my mom. Bill was precisely the kind of guy that you wanted as your stepfather. Here’s how you can made donations to the American Cancer Society on Bill’s behalf.

SEC Chair Lists His Agenda Priorities

Recently, SEC Chair Jay Clayton testified on the SEC’s fiscal 2018 budget before the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee and listed his priorities. Here’s an excerpt from this Weil Gotshal blog on the topic (also see this Bass Berry blog):

Chair Clayton’s testimony revealed three main concentration areas for fiscal 2018: facilitating capital formation with an emphasis on small business growth; protecting investors through enforcement; and leveraging technology to achieve the SEC’s goals. The Chair indicated the SEC would be improving efficiency through automation, streamlining internal processes and utilizing data throughout the agency. Improvements in efficiency will be necessary to do more with less because the budget calls for small reductions in full time equivalent headcount in most areas (e.g., Enforcement down from budgeted FTE in 2017 of 1362 to 1329; Corporation Finance from 465 to 453, and Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE) from 1083 to 1055).

Transcript: “Public Company Carve-Outs – The Nuggets”

We have posted the transcript of our recent webcast: “Public Company Carve-Outs – The Nuggets.”

Broc Romanek