January 13, 2016

Our New “Audit Response Letter Handbook”

Spanking brand new. By popular demand, this comprehensive “Audit Response Letters Handbook” covers all you need to know about dealing with audit response letters (it’s now posted on our “Audit Response Letters” Practice Area). This one is a real gem – 48 pages of practical guidance.

Webcast: “Audit Committees in Action – The Latest Developments”

Tune in tomorrow for the webcast – “Audit Committees in Action: The Latest Developments” – to hear Morgan Lewis’ Rani Doyle, Deloitte’s Consuelo Hitchcock and Gibson Dunn’s Mike Scanlon catch us up on a host of new SEC, FASB & PCAOB developments that impact how audit committees operate – and more…

Cap’n Cashbags: The Call from the IRS

In this 40-second video, Cap’n Cashbags gets a surprising call from the IRS:

– Broc Romanek