January 14, 2016

FAST Act: SEC Adopts Two Interim Final Rules

Yesterday, as noted in this press release, the SEC adopted two interim final rules as mandated by the FAST Act that revise Forms S-1 and F-1 for emerging growth companies to provide that as long as their registration statements include all required financial information at the time of the offering, the ECGs can omit certain historical period financial information prior to the offering.

The interim final rules also revise Form S-1 to allow smaller reporting companies to use incorporation by reference for future filings – along with a request for comment on whether the rules should be expanded to include other registrants or forms.

These interim final rules will become effective as soon as they are published in the Federal Register – so within the next week – and folks can comment for 30 days if they want to push the SEC to change these interim final rules before they become “final final”…

ESG: Coming Up on Earnings Calls

This blog by Pam Styles illustrates how sustainability has become a more frequent topic on quarterly earnings calls…

Insider Trading Cartoons Vol. II: Temporary Insiders

Brooks Pierce’s David Smyth uses cartoons to teach what are “temporary insiders”:

Broc Romanek