March 2, 2015

Our Newly Redesigned Site! Give Me Your Feedback…

If you head to our home page today, you’ll see that we have launched a newly redesigned site! Long overdue, it’s my first rethink since I completely overhauled the site when I took it over in January 2003. The reality is that only the home page has changed. The underlying content is the same, the blogs are the same, etc. If you have subscribed to have a blog or eminders pushed to you, you will still receive them as you always have. And there is no log-in box on the home page, as you will only be prompted to log-in when you encounter members-only content.

My primary redesign goal was to enable you to more easily navigate to our main areas of content, which is accomplished now through the prominent 16 tabs at the top of the home page (for example, the 500+ Practice Areas are accessible from the top left tab rather than being forced to scroll through a long left column of the home page). And you’ll see that the rest of the page isn’t cluttered anymore. Rather, the bulk of the home page highlights developing news & key resources. A secondary goal was to have the home page look “clean” on any mobile device. Give me your honest feedback please!

Webcast: “Conduct of the Annual Meeting”

Tune in tomorrow for the webcast – “Conduct of the Annual Meeting” – to hear Randy Clark of Sempra Energy; Angela Hilt of Clorox; Jeff Taylor of Pepco, Carol Ward of Mondelez International and Carl Hagberg of The Shareholder Service Optimizer explain how they handle the many challenges of running an annual shareholders meeting.

Our March Eminders is Posted!

We have posted the March issue of our complimentary monthly email newsletter. Sign up today to receive it by simply inputting your email address!

– Broc Romanek