June 27, 2014

Modern Day Roadshows? The GoPro One is Groovy!

Check out the GoPro roadshow on (the IPO priced on Wednesday night so it might be pulled down soon). Pretty remarkable, just like all their videos if you are familar with GoPro. 36 minutes of video and more. Nice memories for me as I worked on some of the no-action letters in the ’90s that allowed roadshows to be brought into the online age. Hat tip to WilmerHale’s David Westenberg for pointing it out!

Crowdfunding: A Pending Patent & More…

Sara Hanks recently tweeted this pending patent on crowdfunding. Interesting. And here’s more news on crowdfunding:

Activist Post’s “Hacktivist Hedge Fund Seeks Crowdfunding’s “Unregistered Finder Settles with the SEC, Agrees to Pay Millions”’s “Changes to “Accredited Investor” Definition Could Clip the Wings of Angel Investors

Printed: Morrison & Romanek’s “The Corporate Governance Treatise”

Wrapping up a project that Randi Morrison & Broc Romanek feverishly commenced two years ago, we are happy to say the inaugural 2014 Edition of Morrison & Romanek’s “The Corporate Governance Treatise” is done being printed (and the 1st printing already sold out – a second printing is now being done!). Here’s the “Table of Contents” listing the topics so you can get a sense of the Treatise’s practical nature.

You will want to order now that it’s done being printed. With over 900 pages — including 212 checklists — this tome is the definition of being practical. You can return it any time within the first year and get a full refund if you don’t find it of value.

– Broc Romanek