June 26, 2014

(Really) Old School: Pictures of Corp Fin Past

Thanks to Charles Leber, a former Corp Fin Staffer who took many pictures during his eras of serving on the Staff for making these pictures available on his Flickr page (email me if you want access to his entire collection). Even I don’t recognize many folks, but I do dig how people dressed and how the SEC’s building looked:

sec 1

sec 2

Don’t forget our own “Photo Gallery” on this site. And don’t forget our new free “Job Board” to post your open jobs or post your resume profile…

Farewell to Mickey Beach

I just recently found out that former Corp Fin Senior Associate Director Mickey Beach passed away a few years ago. I barely knew her – but I do know she was very kind and well-regarded by all, not to mention that she broke some glass ceilings at the SEC. She served in the SEC for over 30 years. Here’s her obituary. The funeral home’s guestbook is gone – but those who knew her can leave their remembrances and stories on this Facebook group entitled “Securities & Exchange Commission Memories” that I recently created…

SEC Proposes Big Hike for FOIA Request Fees

Recently, the SEC proposed changes to how FOIA request work to allow the Commission to collect fees that reflect its actual costs and add an appeals time frame. The current rates for FOIA request rates are $16/hour for grade 11 and below and $28/hour for grade 12 and above. The proposal would provide more flexibility for the SEC – a chart would be posted on the SEC’s site, but the guideline is the Staffer’s basic pay plus 16%. If the proposed hike was in effect today, the fees would be: SK-8 or below: $29/hour; SK-9 to 13: $61/hour; and SK-14 or above: $89/hour.

In his blog entitled “Notes From The 2114 Securities Law Conference,” Keith Bishop looks through the crystal ball to make fun of what the securities laws might look like in 100 years. Bear in mind while reading it that Milton V. Freeman was a lawyer who co-drafted Rule 10b-5 and Tommy Corcoran was the chief spokesman for the drafters of the ’34 Act who is credited with testifying that Section 16 was a “crude rule of thumb”…

– Broc Romanek