July 5, 2011

Corp Fin Updates Financial Reporting Manual (Again)

On Friday, Corp Fin updated its Financial Reporting Manual for issues related to subsidiary guarantor financial statements, ICFR reporting requirements for newly public companies, reporting requirements in a reverse recapitalization, as well as other changes. The good news is that Corp Fin has added a new summary of changes that comprise the current update at the beginning of the Manual. Last revised in April (and December and October before that), Corp Fin has been updating the Manual much more frequently than in the past, deciding to do so a little bit at a time rather than major rewrites as in the past.

SEC Announces IFRS Roundtable’s Agenda

The SEC has announced the panelists and agenda for its IFRS Roundtable to be held this Thursday, July 7th.

Last week, the SEC delegated authority to the Enforcement Director to disclose information that could reasonably be expected to reveal a whistleblower’s identity if the disclosure wouldn’t result in a loss of confidentiality.

Our July Eminders is Posted!

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– Broc Romanek