July 6, 2011

Broadridge’s ’11 Proxy Season Statistics

Always interesting, Broadridge has released its annual report regarding how the proxy season fared from its unique perspective. Here are a few gems I pulled from the report:

– 362 billion shares were processed this proxy season, a 12 billion shares increase over last season.

– Number of shares voted increased by over 8 billion shares – 94.7% of shares voted were done so electronically.

– Percentage of shares voted edged up, primarily due to increased use of ProxyEdge (83.6% of all shares voted through Broadridge) and continuing increase in Internet voting.

– Quorum increased to 83.5% from 83.4%, on average.

– 100,000 shareholders used mobile phone voting, with 30% of those voting for the 1st time.

Here are Broadridge’s e-proxy stats as of the end of 2010 – and here is a report with the proxy season stats for ’08-10.

How to Handle XBRL’s Last Phase-In

With mandatory XBRL now in effect for all companies, there is a bit of a whirlwind of folks asking questions regarding XBRL. Jill Radloff has two useful blogs – “Correcting Errors in XBRL Filings” and “XBRL Grace Periods” – and I also recommend the resources in our “XBRL” Practice Area.

In this podcast, Dan Roberts of raas-XBRL analyzes Year 3 implementation issues related to the SEC’s phase-in of mandatory XBRL, including:

– What phase of XBRL recently took effect?
– What implementation issues are smaller companies facing now?
– What can smaller companies do to overcome these issues?
– How does raas-XBRL help clients overcome these issues?

Dodd-Frank: 4th Rulemaking Progress Report

Here is the 4th progress report from Davis Polk regarding all of the various agencies engaged in Dodd-Frank rulemaking.

– Broc Romanek