September 21, 2023

Disclosure Transparency: And the Winners Are. . .

Speaking of transparency, Labrador recently announced the winners of its 5th annual disclosure transparency awards. Here’s an excerpt from its press release:

PayPal, Target and State Street are among companies awarded top honors in the fifth annual U.S. Transparency Awards announced today by Labrador, a leading global communications firm specializing in transparent investor and stakeholder communications. The rankings compare the efficacy of corporate disclosure documents across the S&P 250 – the nation’s largest companies based on market capitalization – and are independently determined through an evaluation of all corporate disclosure documents.

Earlier this year, Labrador retained our friend & former colleague Broc Romanek to lead the charge on its disclosure transparency initiative. Broc posted more info about the awards and the winners in various categories on Labrador’s blog.

Since I hosted our Proxy Disclosure Conference yesterday and spent all day in a coat & tie, I was hoping that somebody could finally get Broc into corporate attire for the awards ceremony. But when I saw his 8-minute video announcing the winners, I was disappointed to see that he dodged the bullet – although he looked stylish, he opted for the t-shirt with sport jacket. I sincerely doubt that Broc’s worn a tie since the last time he hosted our conferences.

John Jenkins