May 9, 2022

Wu-Tang Clan Update: “MEFAverse,” NFTs & a Reminder from a Real Estate Broker

Mondays are tough enough without having to work your way through a bunch of blogs that are more somber than the PBS NewsHour.  Since my first couple of blogs today were pretty serious, I wanted to be sure to close on a lighter note. When I want to do that, the first thing I look for is news on the Wu-Tang Clan that has even the most tangential ties to stuff we cover here. Fortunately, America’s most entrepreneurial hip-hop artists never let me down.

As you know, various Wu-Tang members have jumped into crypto in a big – if not always successful – way, and I’m pleased to tell you that they’re still at it. In one of our more recent check-ins with The Wu-Tang Clan, I discussed Method Man’s nascent NFT venture, which involved him launching his own comics universe. Based on more recent media reports, it looks like he’s launched his venture on the metaverse, or more accurately, the “MEFaverse.” Here’s the project’s website, which provides more details on its “About Us” page:

The MEFaverse is the first metaversal world (Wu York City) where holders get to experience a graphic novel and not simply read it. The story revolves around Method Man, founding member of the greatest Hip Hop group of all time, Wu-Tang Clan, in a world where he became a literal superhero and not just a lyrical one. The project combines all things Hip Hop, skateboarding, and comic books in a format that speaks to all ages. This is where In Real Life (IRL) meets the metaverse.

Sound good? It looks like you need to pony up .08 ETH in order to join in. I’m not sure I understand everything that Method Man’s doing here, but I do think this may be the closest I’ve come to actually understanding a crypto project.

A couple of other Wu-Tang related developments. First, if you’re looking to invest your ever-dwindling 401(k) in Wu-Tang Clan-related NFTs – and let’s face it, at this point could you do any worse than the stock market? – OpenSea has a large collection for your perusal. Second, if you’re looking to buy a home in the Milwaukee area, be sure to check out realtor Jonathan Frost, who reminds us that “Low Mortgage Rates are Temporary, but Wu-Tang is Forever.”

John Jenkins