August 13, 2021

Dog Days of August: Time for a Wu-Tang Clan Check-In

August is always a strange “either/or” month – either nothing happens in the financial markets or something apocalyptic happens.  I guess we’re fortunate that, so far at least, this August seems to have fallen into the former category. But that doesn’t help me out, because I’ve still got to come up with 3 blogs a day, and all the newsmakers are at the beach.

I was getting a little desperate to find a third blog for this morning when it occurred to me that it’s been several months since I took a look at what the Wu-Tang Clan has been up to. Last time we checked-in with them, the guys were getting into the non-fungible token game. At the time, it was a group effort, but according to this Rolling Stone article, Method Man now has a solo NFT project going:

Method Man is launching his own comics universe, titled Tical World, via NFT. The first installment of the rapper’s anthology series, “Part 1: The Origin,” features original characters, animations, artwork, apparel, and unreleased music available for sale as NFTs.

This includes a Killa Beez-inspired original artwork signed by Method Man and New York artist Alex Smetsky; a 3D-enabled digital animation depicting the origin story of Tical World; an unreleased audio recording with music and lyrics by Method Man; the sole copies of the first artistic renderings of the Tical World characters; and a gold VIP card for Tical Athletics, Method Man’s athleisure line. Tical World also represents the first “community owned crypto-characters” to use Flow Blockchain, developed by Dapper Labs and secured by the patented TuneGO Vault.

I don’t understand very much of the excerpt I just quoted, but whatever he’s doing sure sounds pretty cool. In other Wu-Tang Clan news, the U.S. government sold the only copy of the group’s “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” album that it confiscated from the previous owner, fraudster Martin Shkreli, and the second season of “Wu-Tang: An American Saga” is set to premiere on Hulu on Sept. 8th.

Okay, my work here is done – now I just have to figure out what I’m going to do over on the Blog.

John Jenkins