December 27, 2021

New Podcast Episode: “2022 Proxy Season & Global Shareholder Activism”

I recently recorded an illuminating conversation with Cas Sydorowitz – the Global Head of Georgeson – and Hannah Orowitz – the Senior Managing Director and Head of US ESG for Georgeson. In the 39-minute episode, we discuss:

1. Expectations for the 2022 AGM season in the US, particularly considering the surprises we saw during the 2021 proxy and annual meeting season

2. Early trends for shareholder proposals

3. Changes in voting behaviour of traditional investors – and what they are most likely to focus on

4. Whether the record-breaking level of negotiated proposals in the 2021 season is the ‘new normal’

5. How the new SEC guidance on Rule 14a-8 will impact shareholder proposals during the 2022 proxy season and beyond

6. What impact COP26 and the formation of the International Sustainability Standards Board may have on companies in 2022

7. Following COP26, there was a rapid uptake of asset managers signing The Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative, which includes BlackRock, Vanguard, States Street and at least 220 others. What might that mean for 2022?

8. Predictions for activism in 2022, in light of environmental issues playing a role in a successful proxy contest, and activists’ cooperation with NGO proponents (e.g., Ceres and As You Sow)

9. Other parting thoughts and advice

Liz Dunshee