December 28, 2021

Form 10-Q: Example of “Sequential” MD&A

This recent “SEC Institute” blog highlights an example disclosure (pg. 44) from a company that transitioned to sequential quarterly analysis in its MD&A. It’s worth bookmarking if you’re considering making this switch in the future, and your filing for Q1 could be a logical time to do it.

Looking ahead to your Form 10-K, members of our site should also flip through the transcript from our recent webcast, “MD&A and Financial Disclosures: What To Do Now.” Sonia Barros, Raquel Fox, Partner, Mark Kronforst, Dave Lynn, Partner and Lona Nallengara – all very accomplished former SEC Staffers and current practitioners – discussed what to do now that the mandatory compliance date has arrived for the SEC’s amended MD&A rules. Our 102-page “MD&A Handbook” is also a great resource as questions arise.

Liz Dunshee