July 8, 2021

Future of Board Meetings: Virtual, In-Person, Mix of Both?

Over the last year, as many transitioned to remote work arrangements some, if not most, boards held remote board and committee meetings. Some have been wondering whether and when boards might return to in-person meetings, as whichever way boards decide to go with future meetings, no one wants to get flagged as an outlier – we recently received a question directly on point in our Q&A Forum (#10781). A recent PwC blog provides a look at what some boards are planning based on results from a poll of 160 governance professionals, executives and board members, here’s an excerpt:

– 43% of respondents said their board is already meeting in-person or planned to do so in Q2 and another 37% plan to do so in Q3

– More than half of respondents said they plan to keep at least some board/committee meetings virtual

– Over a third plan to give directors flexibility to choose their method of participation

– Only 8% of respondents said their boards plan to curtail social elements, such as dinners or outings, of board meetings

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– Lynn Jokela