June 16, 2021

Tomorrow’s Webcast: “Cyber, Data & Social: Getting in Front of Governance”

Tune in tomorrow for our webcast – “Cyber, Data & Social: Getting in Front of Governance” – to hear Melissa Krasnow of VLP Law Group, Lisa Beth Lentini Walker of Lumen Worldwide Endeavors, Sue Serna of Serna Social and Heidi Wachs of Stroz Friedberg/Aon discuss what boards need to know about cyber, data & social – risks & opportunities, monitoring new threats, managing compliance with changing laws & different jurisdictions, social media oversight, director liability issues and more!

We will apply for CLE credit in all applicable states for this 1-hour webcast. You must submit your state and license number prior to or during the program. Attendees must participate in the live webcast and fully complete all the CLE credit survey links during the program. You will receive a CLE certificate from our CLE provider when your state issues approval; typically within 30 days of the webcast. All credits are pending state approval.

No registration is necessary – and there is no cost – for this webcast for our members. If you are not yet a member,  sign-up now to access the program. You can sign up online, send us an email at – or call us at 800.737.1271.

– Lynn Jokela