November 21, 2019

Welcome to Lynn Jokela!

I’m very excited to announce that Lynn Jokela has joined us as an Associate Editor for our sites. Lynn has spent the last 11 years in the corporate secretary’s group of a Dow 30 company, following a stint in private practice and a prior career in finance & business. She brings tons of practical experience on all things “corporate & securities” and will be a fantastic addition to our team. Her email address is included in her bio if you want to drop her a line – and she’ll be blogging soon enough!

Transfer Agents: Market Share Leaders

A recent “Audit Analytics” blog highlights current market share leaders among transfer agents. Overall, not much has changed:

Since 2012, the market share for transfer agents engaged by active SEC registrants has remained fairly stagnant. This year proves to be no different; the same five transfer agents we have seen in the top for the past several years still reign. In fact, four of the five have managed to slightly increase their respective market share compared to last year’s results.

The exception, Wells Fargo Bank NA/TA, has shown an expected decrease in market share since our last analysis. As noted last year, Wells Fargo Bank sold its Shareowner Services to Equiniti Trust Co. (part of Equiniti Group plc). This may also explain the increase in market share for the non-top five transfer agents (Other), but only time will tell.

For more color on the industry players – and helpful new offerings by the top transfer agents – check out page 5 of the latest edition of Carl Hagberg’s “Shareholder Service Optimizer.” Carl notes that the market seems ripe for major comparison shopping…

Filing Fees: SEC Unveils New Template

Filing fees: they seem like such an easy task – until one of the 18 people involved in this “game of telephone” drops the ball on the required info. That’s why the SEC recently announced a new pre-populated “FedWire” template.

To make sure all necessary info is included – and avoid filing delays – the Commission is encouraging all companies to use the template when they submit info to their banks to initiate FedWire payments.

Liz Dunshee