August 30, 2019

The Best “Business Ethics” Shows

If you’re looking to meld with your couch this holiday weekend, Matt Kelly has identified the best shows and films about corporate compliance, business ethics and regulatory issues (and since he published this, Homecoming also came out – which I knew Matt would also endorse, and he’s now informed me that he devoted an entire separate post to it). Binge-watching these definitely can be justified as “work-related.” Here’s the criteria for the lists:

Several weeks ago I posted a question on LinkedIn: What are some of the best representations of corporate compliance, business ethics, or regulatory issues that you’ve ever seen?

My only requirements were that the shows be fictional, and portray a legal business behaving in a corrupt manner (rather than an illegal business like a drug cartel). The response was overwhelming — nearly 28,000 views of the post in less than a week, plus dozens of suggestions.

Obviously, “The Office” made the list.

Liz Dunshee