August 23, 2019

Risk Factor? Your Board Chair Supports the President

With reputational issues continuing to emerge as a real risk for companies, I wonder if we might someday see risk factors about high profile leaders within a company being politically active on one side of the partisan fence or the other. A case in point is Stephen Ross, the board chair of the parent company for Equinox and SoulCycle – Ross held a fundraiser for the President and, as noted in this article, members of those fitness centers have been cancelling their memberships in droves.

With a Presidential election only about a year away – and the influence of social media these days – I imagine this sort of thing is bound to happen more frequently. With real-world implications for a company’s bottom line…

Risk Factors: Gun Violence

Last week, John blogged about “active shooters” causing companies to consider risk factors about gun violence. In addition to the recent shootings causing people to take to the streets to protest the lax gun laws in this country, with the rising number of shareholder proposals targeting gun violence in recent years, it shouldn’t be a surprise that risk factors focusing on this topic are surfacing. Here’s the intro from this WSJ article:

A handful of public companies have begun quietly warning investors about how gun violence could affect their financial performance. Companies such as Dave & Buster’s Entertainment, Del Taco Restaurants and Stratus Properties, a Texas-based real-estate firm, added references to active-shooter scenarios in the “risk factor” section of their latest annual reports, according to an analysis of Securities and Exchange Commission filings. The Cheesecake Factory Inc. has included it in its past four annual reports.

The disclosures come as fatalities in mass public shootings have surged in recent years. Between 2016 and 2018, active shooter incidents left 306 people dead and 850 wounded, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. That’s up from the previous three years, when active shooters killed 136 and wounded 181. The FBI defines an active shooter incident as one or more shooters attempting to kill people in a crowded area.

How to Track Changes on Corp Fin’s CDIs Pages

A few days ago, I was moaning about the challenges of determining which CDIs were updated when Corp Fin makes a change. My good friend – McKesson’s Jim Brashear – reminded me about the tracking software available out there. For many years, I used Copernic to track many pages on the SEC’s site – but then that software was no longer supported and I got lazy and stopped tracking anything.

Jim informs us that there are some SAAS apps that provide similar functionality to Copernic. Some of the more prominent ones are ChangeTower,, Fluxguard,, Versionista, Visualscalping and Wachete..

Broc Romanek