October 8, 2018

The “Karla Bos” Files: 18 Things I Accomplish Before 8:30 am

Our last “list” blog featured Nina Flax’s morning routine. Now we get to see how Karla Bos starts her day:

OK, here’s the “Bos” edition of the pre-8:30 am accomplishment list. Very different from Nina’s, aside from the requisite coffee and email consumption, but that’s no surprise—she’s a Commuting Supermom and I’m a Work-from-Home Empty Nester. My list looked more like hers when I had a commute and kids at home.

Even so, reflecting on my current list, I realized that 10 years ago I would have read it and totally rolled my eyes, wondering what working person could find the time for all this in the morning and get up so many hours before they really had to. All I can say is that I started to get up earlier and earlier over the years as it dawned on me that doing so allowed me to take control of my day and take care of myself in a meaningful way. So for me, where I am now, this program works:

1. Decide Whether Sleep Will Come Again After 4 a.m. I’ve learned that, as soon as one of my three dogs whimpers or my monkey mind starts jumping, going vertical bears more fruit than chasing a few extra and unlikely minutes of sleep. But if the dogs are quiet, I hold off so the husband can sleep.

2. Get Up by 4:45 a.m. I don’t say “wake up” because I am almost always awake by then. Sometime during the last 10 years I turned into a morning person.

3. Take Dogs Outside. Scan the yard and stand guard for predators (hence, no doggie door) while my little dogs sniff everything as if for the first time. “Oh tree, how I’ve missed you!” I take a moment to enjoy the early morning desert quiet—until the senior dog barks to announce we can go in NOW …

4. Feed the Dogs. For age and health reasons, everyone gets their own custom menu with varying levels of meds and supplements. Start my coffee. Encourage the puppy to eat instead of play.

5. Take Dogs Outside Again. And generally repeat a slightly faster version of step #3. If it’s light enough by now I putter in the yard and make a mental list of what needs attention.

6. Set Out Coffee for My Husband. He’s in the shower about now. He is much less of a morning person (and less of a talker) than I and has a healthy commute. We used to carpool when we worked at the same company, which I thought was great because I could talk and talk and check my email while he drove—but I think he enjoys the quiet time now.

7. Coffee/Digital Content Intake. This means distracting the dogs with dental chews while I drink coffee, check email, and read to get a little smarter about corporate governance and the world. Being in Arizona, I share Nina’s challenge of waking up to east coast days that are already in full swing. Fortunately, our geographically distributed and highly responsive team helps make the time zone balancing act manageable.

8. Throw on Workout Clothes. This is one of the times I listen to a favorite podcast. Once I’d worked from home for a while, I realized I’d stopped doing this, so now I catch up here and there in the morning and whenever I step out of my office for a break.

9. Exercise and Stretch. Some days this means a full-on workout (Empty Nester = spare room for a home gym), some days mostly stretching (which I don’t love because I am not flexible, so podcasts are a great distraction), but it’s a must. It’s key to managing stress, aging, and too much time sitting. Drink water.

10. Check Email.

11. Walk the Dogs. The desert gear required is a separate list but includes big floppy hat, tweezers to remove cactus spines, and a whistle and pepper spray to fend off any aggressive wildlife (which usually keep their distance, but we had a dicey encounter with a group of javelinas and we see coyotes most mornings). Also a headlamp when it’s still dark. Enjoy the stillness and quiet but watch for predators. (You get used to it, rather like walking the streets of NY.)

12. Check Email.

13. Brush Dogs’ Teeth. Owners of small dogs know they require dental vigilance or things get ugly and pricey. Another chance to listen to podcasts.

14. Shower—and Sing! Singing in the shower is another must. Really gets me energized, and I cannot think (worry) about anything when I am belting out a showtune.

15. Meditate for 10-15 Minutes. Mindfulness meditation, which I’m new at, but feels really valuable. One time in the day I don’t make mental lists (well, try not to; like I said, I am new at this).

16. Get Dressed. While I love that this takes far less time and effort now that I work from home, it’s still important to set and adhere to standards, e.g., anything you slept or worked out in is not suitable work attire, and you’re not trying hard enough if your husband comes home and looks startled when he sees you.

17. Eat a Healthy Breakfast. Admittedly this happens at my desk if the preceding 16 activities expanded.

18. Commute to Work. There are things I miss about working onsite with a team, but I adore that my commute simply means walking down the hallway to my home office, where the dogs settle in for a snooze. Power up and get to work!

Nasdaq Proposes Changes to Initial Listing Liquidity Requirements

On Friday, Nasdaq announced that it’s seeking public comment on potential changes to its liquidity requirements for new listings. While all input is welcome, the proposal identifies four topics of particular interest:

– Restricted Shares
– Minimum Investment Value for Holders
– Trading Volume
– Reg A+ Listings & SPACs

Any changes to the rules will apply only to initial listings – not continued listings. Comments are due by November 16th.

Liz Dunshee