August 15, 2017

Climate Change: Vanguard to Provide More On Its Voting Record

As we’ve blogged (also see this article), Vanguard recently received a shareholder proposal requesting additional disclosure about its climate change voting record – but Vanguard announced yesterday that it had negotiated the proposal’s withdrawal (also see this interview with Vanguard’s Glenn Booraem).

Here’s the key excerpt from Vanguard’s announcement:

Walden’s request also coincided with our plans for more comprehensive reporting on our Investment Stewardship activities; the first iteration of our expanded reporting will be published later this month, coincident with the annual filing of our proxy voting records. This report will feature deeper discussion of our thinking on climate risk and gender diversity on boards (as two issues on which we expect continuing focus), as well as expanded anecdotal discussion of specific engagements, voting rationale, and vote decisions.

Audit Reports: Comparison of PCAOB & International Standards

Check out this nifty comparison of the PCAOB’s and IAASB’s standards for the audit report. Note that the PCAOB’s standard is still awaiting the SEC’s approval, as noted in this blog

Tomorrow’s Webcast: “Structuring, Negotiating & Litigating Public Deals – Has the Pendulum Moved?”

Tune in tomorrow for the webcast – “Structuring, Negotiating & Litigating Public Deals: Has the Pendulum Moved?” – to hear Greenberg Traurig’s Cliff Neimeth, Richards Layton’s John Zeberkiewicz and Richards Layton’s Mark Gentile analyze how recent Delaware case law and statutory changes are influencing the way that M&A deals are structured, negotiated and litigated.

Broc Romanek