July 26, 2016

Non-GAAP Measures: Checking Internal Controls & Audit Committee Tools

As the transcript for our recent webcast – “Non-GAAP Disclosures: The SEC Speaks!” – continues to be wildly popular since it featured Corp Fin’s Chief Accountant Mark Kronforst & heavyweights Meredith Cross and Dave Lynn, we continue to post a ton of memos about Corp Fin’s new CDIs – as well as this new non-GAAP tool for audit committees.

As part of its focus on non-GAAP measures, Corp Fin has questioned whether companies (& their audit committees) have implemented appropriate controls regarding the disclosure of such measures. This memo discusses the types of controls that could be established and provides high-level examples of control issues and related responses for consideration in connection with non-GAAP measures.

General Motors recently tweeted earnings results including adjusted results. And here’s a few MarketWatch pieces entitled:

– “GE’s earnings report may not be wrong, but it may still mislead investors

– “How FedEx changed its earnings release after SEC warning

Non-GAAP Measures: A Review of Old Corp Fin Comments

This Audit Analytics blog analyzes Corp Fin comments in the non-GAAP area from a period – 2014-2015 – before the new CDIs were issued. These comments don’t necessarily reflect what Corp Fin is focusing on now given the new guidance…

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We continue to post new items regularly on our “Proxy Season Blog” for members. Members can sign up to get that blog pushed out to them via email whenever there is a new entry by simply inputting their email address on the left side of that blog. Here are some of the latest entries:

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Broc Romanek