March 1, 2016

“EDGAR is Down”: A Familiar Refrain?

Over the past few weeks, I keep reading tweets – mostly from Michelle Leder of @footnoted – that Edgar is down. This includes yesterday, which was the deadline for many companies to file their Form 10-Ks. I’ve always known that Edgar goes down occasionally – but it appears that it’s happening more frequently lately. But then again, maybe it has always has gone down an average of once per week. We really don’t know because the SEC doesn’t let us know when Edgar is down. This has been one of my pet peeves – that the SEC doesn’t have a blog that is Edgar-focused, which would be the perfect vehicle to inform the public when Edgar is down – and then when it’s back up. Or at least, the SEC could tweet this valuable information. The SEC now has a total of 9 Twitter handles – perhaps add one more for “Edgar News”?

I’m loving a new social media app called “Anchor,” which essentially is Twitter with voice. It’s much more personal – and quite fun to have a time-shifted conversation. Download the free app on your phone and record your own 20-second reply to my first “wave”: “The SEC’s EDGAR is down. Chronic problem?” [Of course, you can email me a response instead – I never post with attribution unless I gain permission.] You’ll see that there is a reply already at the end of my clip – please add yours. It’s simple to do (but I’m happy to help if you experience technical difficulties).

More on “The SEC’s Home Page Redesign: Less Color”

Last Friday, I blogged about the SEC’s new site redesign. Here’s two observations from members that I missed:

– Did you notice that the links to the company’s “Insider Filings” is now missing on the new Edgar site? One has to literally open up every Form 4 to see who filed it and for what amount & type.
– Noticed an “Edgar Search Results Beta” tab on the company page, which takes you to a slightly different index of filings (which unfortunately doesn’t identify the item number for 8-K filings).
– Now lists the votes of Commissioners on actions/orders in a chart that is current.

Webcast: “Hot Issues for Your Annual Meeting”

Tune in tomorrow for the webcast – “Hot Issues for Your Annual Meeting” – to hear Allen Matkins’ Keith Bishop, Independent Inspector Carl Hagberg, Potter Anderson’s Roxanne Houtman and Broadridge’s Jill Whitney discuss the latest developments – including how to handle tricky issues – related to annual shareholder meetings.

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Broc Romanek