October 1, 2015

The SEC’s New “Rules Database”

Last week, the SEC rolled out a new “Rules Database.” Here’s is Chair White’s official announcement. Thankfully, it appears this new database will run in conjunction with the long-standing “Proposed Rules“; “Final Rules“, etc. pages that the SEC has maintained for a while.

What do I think of the new database? I’m not sure anyone needed it. But it doesn’t hurt as now proposing releases are listed together with adopting releases – although it doesn’t include Commissioner statements like the PCAOB does (and of course, this combo is available on our site along with firm memos, etc. in our “Practice Areas“).

As a psuedo-web designer myself, I can’t help but notice some minor stuff that I would change (some of the text is in light colors – hard to read; font sizes are a wee bit small too). And the layout highlights how some of the SEC’s releases have really LONG names (eg. “Final Rule Purchase of Certain Debt Securities by Business and Industrial Development Companies Relying on an Investment Company Act Exemption”). I almost always shorten the names of the SEC’s releases when I post them on our site.

Broadridge Updates!

A key to better usability of the proxy framework is the voting machines. That’s why I was excited to see that Broadridge has updated its to make it easier for folks to vote. Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

Examples include a capability to vote additional ballots, with fewer steps, for other shares held in current meetings, and to easily view additional communications from issuers, including video and virtual shareholder meetings. As part of this initiative, Broadridge also redesigned the content and format of the email messages that initiate proxy communications with shareholders. Broker-dealers can also easily add their branding and custom messages.

Our October Eminders is Posted!

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– Broc Romanek