August 20, 2015

Could Pay Ratio Disclosure Lead to Employee Misunderstanding & Lost Productivity?

In the wake of the pay ratio rules being adopted, this is one of the topic du jours. And it’s one that will be tackled during our “Pay Ratio Workshop” next Tuesday, August 25th during the panel entitled “How to Handle PR & Employee Fallout.” Register Now! This is an audio-only event (whose archive will be up immediately if you can’t attend live).

Here’s a list of the nine panels that will span over four hours of practical instruction on Tuesday:

– “Overview: The Final Rules”
– “Getting Ready for Compliance: Sampling & Other Data Issues”
– “Streamlining Your Compliance Efforts”
– “Board Presentations: What To Tell Boards Now”
– “Disclosure: Handling the Transition Period”
– “Parsing Model Disclosures: US-Only Workforces”
– “Parsing Model Disclosures: Global Workforces”
– “Parsing a Recent Pay Ratio Disclosure”
– “How to Handle PR & Employee Fallout”

ESG: 75% of Investors Consider

Recently, the CFA Institute released these survey results showing that nearly 75% of respondents said that they take ESG issues into consideration in the investment process. In addition, 64% of respondents consider governance issues, 50% consider environmental issues and 49% consider social issues. Only 27% don’t consider ESG issues…

Corp Fin: Shelly Luisi Promoted to Associate Director

Congrats to Shelly Luisi for her promotion to Associate Director in Corp Fin! As noted in this press release, Shelly previously served as a Senior Associate Chief Accountant in the SEC’s Office of the Chief Accountant. I believe this is the first time that someone from OCA was promoted into a Front Office gig within Corp Fin…

– Broc Romanek