April 28, 2015

Survey Results: Currency Fluctuations for Incentive Compensation

Thanks to those that participated in this survey – a hot topic! Below are the results from my recent survey on currency fluctuations for incentive comp:

1. Does your company adjust incentive goals/results for currency rate fluctuations?
– Yes, as a policy consistently applied – 24%
– Occasionally, as ad hoc decisions made across years – 15%
– No, we never do – 42%
– Not sure, it hasn’t come up – 20%

2. If your answer to #1 above was “yes,” what is the percent of impact currency rate fluctuations must have for neutralization (i.e. what is the swing/change in the metric due to the currency fluctuation before things get adjusted)?
– Less than 5% – 62%
– 5% to 9% – 10%
– 10% to 14% – 14%
– 15% to 19% – 0%
– 20% to 24% – 14%
– 25% or more – 0%

3. If your answer to #1 was “occasionally” or “never,” are your incentive compensation performance measures predominantly return measures?
– Yes – 32%
– No – 66%
– Not applicable (we don’t use performance measures for our incentive compensation) – 2%

4. If your company makes ad hoc decisions, is the issue decided on whether management raises the issue & how large the impact is?
– Yes – 42%
– No – 8%
– Not sure, it hasn’t come up – 50%

5. If you do adjust your incentive goals/results for currency rate fluctuations, to which type of incentive programs are these adjustments made?
– Short-Term – 61%
– Long-Term – 6%
– Both Short-Term & Long-Term – 33%

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