July 21, 2014

Proxy Advisors: How Investors Can Diligence ISS

For many years, ISS has posted a host of resources to help investors conduct due diligence, including a set of “questions you should ask” and a “due diligence checklist” in this 11-page due diligence compliance package. In addition, here’s a letter from Sullivan & Cromwell about a conflict policy review it conducted in ’07. So these materials were not posted in response to the SEC’s recent Staff Legal Bulletin that deals with the responsibilities of investment advisers to vote and hire proxy advisors, but they are definitely helpful now…

ISS Seeks Input: Annual Policy Survey

As noted in this Gibson Dunn blog, ISS has opened its annual survey ahead of updating its policies. The survey closes on August 29th – and then the results are released a few weeks later. Then there’s an open 30-day comment period in October – with the final policy updates arriving sometime in November typically. The entire policy process is described on ISS’ website..

Webcast: “Career Advice: The In-House Perspective”

Tune in tomorrow for the webcast – “Career Advice: The In-House Perspective” – during which Oracle’s Chris Ing, Governance Solutions Group’s Denise Kuprionis, Northeast Utilities’ Rich Morrison, former Northrup Grumman Kathie Salmas and Tennant’s Heidi Wilson will impact career advice from decades of in-house experience. The panel will cover:

– Determining Whether Going In-House is Right for You
– How to Evaluate a Potential Employer
– How to Market Yourself – Internally & Externally
– Salary Negotiations
– How to Best Work With Your Law Firm Lawyer
– Challenges in Setting Yourself Up as a Consultant After You “Retire”

James Garner was one of my favorites. From the “Rockford Files,” Jimmy Joe Meeker was his best alter ego…

– Broc Romanek