July 3, 2014

12 Cool Things I Didn’t Blog About (But Someone Else Did)

As we head into the holiday weekend, here are 12 things I could have blogged about – but didn’t. But luckily someone else did:

1. SEC Chair White Discusses Directors’ Responsibilities
2. Behold the Awesome Power of Financial Twitter
3. Is it time for sustainability communication consultants to take a vow of silence?
4. Another Good Way to Tell the BoD What You Think
5. SEC: Don’t Ignore the Habitually Wrong Whistleblower
6. 10-point checklist: live-tweeting for investor relations
7. The Case of the Missing White-Collar Criminal
8. Why Allergan’s Shareholders Should Be Wary About Valeant’s (and Ackman’s) Takeover Bid
9. If You See Something, Say Something, But Maybe Only To The SEC
10. A Closer Look With Arthur Levitt
11. The Law of Unintended Consequences
12. Federal Court Rules Boilermakers Didn’t Decide All Issues And Orders Company To File A Form 8-K

LGL Group Adopts Fee-Shifting Bylaw

A member took me up on my offer yesterday to inform us if more than one company has a fee-shifting bylaw. Laura Householder of Drinker Biddle did some digging and found that LGL Group has this fee-shifting bylaw. Let me know if you find others…and check out Keith Bishop’s blog entitled “If Fee-Shifting Bylaws Are Ever Put On Trial, This Case Should Be Exhibit A.”

MSCI Acquires GMI

Last week, MSCI announced that it is acquiring GMI, the governance ratings service that had acquired The Corporate Library a few years back. And MSCI had acquired ISS a while ago and sold that earlier this year. Although on their face GMI and ISS may seem like they are in the same business, there are important distinctions – the primary one being that ISS is a proxy advisor and GMI is not…

– Broc Romanek