December 6, 2013

Board Diversity: The Impact of Short Slates

Recently, I got into a discussion with someone about short slate nominees and whether dissidents ever put up female nominees. I asked around and didn’t find anyone that keeps those statistics – but anecdotally heard that it’s fairly rare. Clinton Group has been pretty aggressive nominating directors over the past few years and several have been women – they put three women on Wet Seal’s board last year and they just nominated two for ValueVision Media’s board last month.

As noted in this article, Twitter has appointed its first woman to its board. And check out this Reuters article entitled “‘Male, pale, stale’ boardrooms worry investors.” And Sylvia Groves’ note entitled “Should Directors Come with a Sell-By Date?“…

Mailed: Special Supplement to November-December 2013 Issue of “The Corporate Counsel”

We just mailed a Special Supplement to the November-December 2013 issue of The Corporate Counsel that we put together recently (the regular issue itself is forthcoming). It updates the “Say-on-Pay Solicitation Playbook” that I wrote a few years back for the July-August 2010 issue of The Corporate Counsel. This time around, we tackle adopting shareholder engagement policies and forming shareholder engagement committees, etc.

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Should You Be Talking the Youth Out of Law School?

My greatest accomplishment? I know of at least three people that I have talked out of law school. And they all thank me every time they see me. Here’s news about how things continue to get worse for our profession:

The Atlantic’s “Law School Applications Are Collapsing (As They Should Be)
ABA Journal’s “‘Massive layoffs’ predicted in law schools due to big drop in applicants
WSJ’s “Crop of New Law Schools Opens Amid a Lawyer Glut
The Atlantic’s “How the Job Market for Law School Grads Crumbled (and How It Could Come Back to Life)

– Broc Romanek