November 6, 2013

The Future? Integrated Reporting

Over the past year, I have posted a number of resources in our “ESG” Practice Area about the growing trend of integrated reporting as more companies find ways to combine their proxy materials with a sustainability report so that they become one online integrated report. A number of the resources highlight companies that are already doing this – although the leaders here tend to be overseas such as this example from Eskom in South Africa. This Forbes article is very useful to help understand the current state of integrated reporting worldwide…

SEC Announces Proxy Advisor Roundtable

Foaming at the mouth? Yesterday, the SEC announced it has scheduled a proxy advisors roundtable for December 5th – a follow on the dormant proxy plumbing project (which included a series of three roundtables back in ’07). No agenda yet and the participants have not yet been lined up. Wonder how it will differ from the House Financial Services Subcommittee hearing on the topic from a few months back…

Check out this recent blog by Manifest’s Sarah Wilson, rebutting many of the common criticisms of proxy advisory firms…

More on “The Mentor Blog”

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– Broc Romanek