September 16, 2013

Breaking! The SEC to Propose Pay Ratio Rules This Wednesday!

As long rumored, late on Friday, the SEC calendared an open Commission meeting for this Wednesday, September 18th to consider proposing the pay ratio rules as required by Section 953(b) of Dodd-Frank. We will be providing full coverage as always.

What This Means – There will be a lot of last minute registrations for our upcoming pair of executive pay conferences – which are being held the following week in DC and by video webcast. The keynote on Monday, September 23rd is Keith Higgins, the Director for the Division of Corporation Finance – amid 20 panels on pay disclosures in a single day. And there is a “how to implement pay disparity rules” workshop that is part of the last panel on Tuesday, September 24th. Register now.

Although the conference hotel is sold out, occasionally there will be an opening if someone cancels – so try them first. Otherwise, we have a back-up hotel nearby. Mention the conference if you talk to either to obtain a discount.

Executive Officer Determinations: Who is Our “Chief Financial Bear”?

One of our most popular Handbooks is this one about “D&O Biographical/Director Qualifications & Skills Disclosure Handbook,” which I updated just a few months ago. I imagine the topic of the process of determining who is an “executive officer” will never grow old.

Can a company cook up unique titles for their officers? Sure. For example, see the titles of the Build-a-Bear officers on page 42 of the company’s Form 10-K (eg. Chief Bearrister = General Counsel).

Someone sent me this Ry Cooder song entitled “No Banker Left Behind“…

Poll: A Title of “Chief Legal Bear” Makes Me Feel Like?

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– Broc Romanek