September 17, 2013

Today’s Spreecast: “More on Reg D Offerings Today”

Come participate in the spreecast – “More on Reg D Offerings Today” – at 2 pm eastern today! During it, Leonard Street’s Stephen Quinlivan, Cohen Gresser’s Bonnie Roe & Davis Wright’s Joe Wallin will provide color commentary that supplements last week’s Reg D webcast – think of it as network analysis after a Presidential debate. To access the spreecast, go here at 2 pm eastern. [Note last week’s Alan Dye spreecast has had over 500 views; a new spreecast has been calendared for September 30th: “PCAOB’s Audit Report Proposals: A Big Sleeper?“]

Here are FAQs about how spreecasts work – but the upshot is you have to register for Spreecast first (although it’s possible to watch without registering if you close a prompt). Simply sign up by using an email address by clicking the “Or sign up via email” link in the upper right hand side of the site (it’s in small print under the “Connect with Facebook” logo).

Here is David Jenson’s analysis of comment letters on the latest Reg D proposals. And Keith Bishop wrote this blog yesterday entitled “Congress Wants To Ban Felons While California Doesn’t Want To Ask.” And this blog has funny lyrics for a song entitled “The 506(c) Seed Financing Blues.”

SEC to Focus on Private Fund Adviser Compliance Procedures in Rule 506(c) Offerings

Here’s an excerpt from this blog by Morrison & Foerster’s Jay Baris:

With general solicitation and general advertising on the horizon, private fund advisers should review their policies and procedures to determine whether they are reasonably designed to prevent the use of fraudulent or misleading advertisements, said Norm Champ, the Director of the SEC’s Division of Investment Management, in remarks today before the Practicing Law Institute in New York. This review is especially important, he said, if the funds intend to engage in general solicitation. Hedge fund sponsors should also confirm that their practices for verifying accredited investor status meet the new requirements that apply to Rule 506(c) offerings.

Hats Off to the “NACD Directorship 2020”!

I’m weary of those that profess to be governance experts but they simply complain about changes from the status quo and offer no solutions to the numerous problems that still plague us. That’s one reason why I would like to congratulate the NACD for putting together a real – and comprehensive – effort to make meaningful change. Learn more in this blog

– Broc Romanek