September 12, 2013

Today’s Spreecast with Alan Dye

Come participate in the first spreecast in our field at 4 pm eastern today! During “Being Alan Dye,” Alan and I will be on video during which I will interview him (and you will have the chance to type in your input during the program). I expect the spreecast will last only 15 minutes – it should be fun! To access the spreecast, go here at 4 pm eastern.

Here are FAQs about how it works – but the upshot is you have to register for Spreecast first (although it’s possible to watch without registering if you close a prompt). Simply sign up by using an email address by clicking the “Or sign up via email” link in the upper right hand side of the site (it’s in small print under the “Connect with Facebook” logo).

Here’s the other spreecast that I have calendared: “More on Reg D Offerings Today.” It will be held this Tuesday, September 17th at 2 pm est – and it will include reactions to this week’s popular Reg D webcast, as well as cover topics that weren’t addressed…

More on “It’s Here: Crowdsourcing Offerings Through Mobile Phones & Tablets”

A few years ago, I blogged about a start-up named “Loyal3” which allows companies to create “Customer Stock Ownership Plans” through on an app. I hadn’t heard much since then so I wasn’t sure if the concept caught on – but the WSJ just ran an article identifying a Luxembourg company – Globant SA – as the first to use the platform for an IPO.

Someone was kind enough to dig around in Edgar to see if any customer stock ownership plans had been filed so far – and they came up with two (see Topic #6695 in our Q&A Forum). So it doesn’t look like a mad rush to use Loyal3 – but there is some movement…

Applying Forfeiture Estimates to Stock Plan Expense

We recently mailed the September-October Issue of The Corporate Executive and it includes pieces on:

– Applying Forfeiture Estimates to Stock Plan Expense
– Planning for FICA Obligations for Retirement-Eligible Employees
– Traps for the Unwary: Important Considerations and Common Mistakes in Estimating Future Forfeitures
– Plaintiffs Achieve Victories in Litigation Over Stock Plan Proposals

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– Broc Romanek