September 17, 2012

More STOCK Act Blunders: Executive Branch Employee Provision Enjoined

A few months ago, I blogged about how Congress blundered when drafting the STOCK Act as a loophole for spouses and children of members of Congress were not covered. Now a US District Court has preliminarily enjoined the enforcement of a STOCK Act provision requiring senior executive branch officials to disclose their financial transactions, as noted in this Huffington Post article. If you recall, instead of coming up with an insider trading law to cover just themselves, they decided to throw in a bunch of senior government employees without thinking it through…

Webcast: “M&A Deal Protections: The Latest Developments and Techniques”

Tune in tomorrow for the webcast – “M&A Deal Protections: The Latest Developments and Techniques” – to hear Greenberg Traurig’s Cliff Neimeth; Potter Anderson’s John Grossbauer; and Richards Layton’s Ray DiCamillo discuss the latest in “deal protection” techniques.

The Second Deal Cube Tourney: Round One; 14th Match

As noted in these rules (and keep sending more pics for the next tourney), please vote for two of the following four cubes below:

Standard w/ Rare Corp Fin Logo
Jamba Juice Cup
Recreational Vehicle

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– Broc Romanek