June 25, 2012

Say-on-Pay: Now 54 Failures – How Does That Compare to Pre-Season Predictions?

I’ve added 5 more companies to’s failed say-on-pay list for 2012. We are now at 54 companies in ’12 that have failed to garner major support. Hat tip to Karla Bos of ING Funds for keeping me updated.

For this year’s pre-season poll predicting how many say-on-pay failures there would be, the results were as follows: Less than 10 failures – 5%; 11-20 failures – 13%; 21-30 failures – 24%; 31-40 failures – 20%; 41-50 failures – 17%; 50-99 failures – 24% and more than 100 failures – 24%. So once again, perhaps I predicted too few failures myself in designing the poll. But a hardy 24% predicted correctly…

The Latest on CEO/Director Background Diligence

Recently, I’ve blogged several times about the Yahoo resume saga. In this podcast, Keith Meyer of CTPartners provides some insight into conducting diligence into management and director backgrounds, including:

– How much vetting of a CEO candidate’s background should be conducted?
– What if the CEO candidate is an internal one? Is diligence still necessary?
– Should director candidates be vetted? Does it depend if they already sit on prominent boards?
– Who should conduct the diligence?
– Who should receive the results of diligence?

Transcript: “Looking Out for #1: How to Manage Your Career”

We have posted the transcript from our recent webcast: “Looking Out for #1: How to Manage Your Career.”

Deal Cube Tournament: Round Two; 4th Match

As noted in these rules (and keep sending more pics for the next tourney), please vote for two of the following four cubes below:

Black Jack Table
“You Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight”
Project Cornfield w/ Cornfield
Koala Bear

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