February 11, 2011

Our Model Say-on-Pay Disclosures

On, we just posted the Spring 2011 issue of the Compensation Standards newsletter, in which Dave Lynn has drafted model say-on-pay disclosures to help you prepare your upcoming proxy statement. It includes a model executive summary, say-on-pay resolution and say-on-frequency resolution. We have also posted a Word version of the newsletter so that you can cut and paste as a starting point for your proxy disclosures.

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A New CD&A Template

In this podcast, Kurt Schacht of the CFA Institute’s Centre for Financial Market Integrity talks about a CD&A Template put together by the joint efforts of a group of issuers and investors, including:

– Why was the template put together?
– What was the process for drafting it?
– How do you envision companies using it? How about investors?
– How does mandatory say-on-pay impact its use?

More on “The Mentor Blog”

We continue to post new items daily on our blog – “The Mentor Blog” – for members. Members can sign up to get that blog pushed out to them via email whenever there is a new entry by simply inputting their email address on the left side of that blog. Here are some of the latest entries:

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– Following Morrison v. National Australia Bank, Southern District of New York Court Weighs In
– Ten Country Interagency Report on Boards and Risk Management
– A Disclaimer Too Far
– Risks, Compliance, the SEC and New Concerns for Directors

– Broc Romanek