November 5, 2010

We Win Top Blog Honors (Again)!

As I belatedly blogged on Tuesday, this blog was selected by LexisNexis as a “Top 25 Business Law Blog” last week – and then the 25 blogs were pitted against each other in a short voting contest. I’m proud to say that we easily emerged as #1 – as noted in this announcement – garnering 36% of the total vote! Thanks to those that bothered to vote – your karma will be rewarded. We are now 2-for-2 as this blog won the ABA Law Journal’s voting contest for the best legal blog earlier this year.

The son of a friend of mine has kicked off a new webisode series called “Naked Man” on YouTube and iTunes. Despite the title, the videos are “clean” and thus safe for work. The series’ tag line is “In a world full of danger, a hero arrives. But why is he naked?” Subscribe to receive new episodes as they are rolled out…

Political Spending Shareholder Proposals: Chamber Board Members Targeted

Yesterday, a group of investors issued this press release noting that shareholder proposals regarding political spending were being filed at four companies – Accenture, IBM, Pepsi and Pfizer – who have directors that also sit on the board of the Chamber of Commerce. This tactic of challenging companies more broadly to review their policies and oversight of political expenditures by targeting a specific trade association is interesting and perhaps a harbinger of things to come.

According to the press release, these companies were selected due to their strong governance records (as well as vendor policies in three of the cases). The release also notes that more proposals likely would be filed (did you know that the Chamber’s board has representatives from over 100 companies?). Finally, the release has a sample shareholder proposal at the bottom of it…

Yesterday, the SEC extended the compliance date for amendments to Regulation SHO by pushing it out a few months to February 28th. The original compliance date was next Wednesday, November 10th.

More on “The Mentor Blog”

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– Broc Romanek