July 1, 2010

The Dodd-Frank Act: A Moving Target? Not Yet a Done Deal

As I blogged as an aside yesterday, the House-Senate conferees have already made some changes to the “final” bill and are now on “final” version #3 – with the changes perhaps not yet done as it’s clear that the President’s July 4th deadline for reform legislation is not going to be met even though the House passed the bill yesterday by a count of 237-192 (see this NY Times article). The Senate doesn’t have the 60 votes to overcome a filibuster, so the bill may not pass until mid-July according to this Bloomberg article.

It’s chaos out there. For example, newly-minted Senator Scott Brown seems to be see-sawing on whether to vote for the bill (as noted in this Huffington Post blog and this Business Insider piece). The story about who will – and won’t – vote for the reform bill changes by the hour and likely will continue to do so…

Federal Regulatory Agencies Jointly Issue Final Guidance on Sound Incentive Compensation Policies

A few members have emailed me asking why I haven’t blogged about the issuance of final guidance on sound incentive compensation policies, jointly put out by the OCC, OTS and FDIC last week. Actually, I did blog about it right the guidance came out on’s “The Advisors’ Blog” – on which there are items blogged related to executive pay daily. Here are some other recent blog titles:

– CEO Pay For All Company Sizes
– New SEC Interpretation Raises Accounting and Disclosure Issues for Performance Share Awards Subject to Discretion
– You Can’t Buy a Ferrari with Grant Date Fair Value
– SEC Secures Victory in Clawback Case
– Executive Pay and Risk

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