December 22, 2009

SEC Proposes Changes to Help WKSIs During Offerings

Even though the federal government was closed due to snow, the SEC issued a proposing release yesterday to amend Rule 163(c) so that it would allow a WKSI to authorize an underwriter to act as its agent to communicate about an offering before filing a registration statement (the press release came out a day later).

As noted in the release, the purpose of the proposed amendment is to remove some impediments to capital-raising since not as many WKSIs have automatic shelfs (or shelfs that don’t include all the types of securities the issuers may decide to offer) – this proposal would allow WKSIs to gauge investor interest without revealing confidential information about the issuer’s capital-raising plans.

PCAOB Reproposes Risk Assessment Standards

Last week, the PCAOB voted to repropose seven auditing standards relating to risk assessment and the auditor’s response to risk, including risk of fraud. Learn more from FEI’s “Financial Reporting Blog.”

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