October 26, 2009

How to Handle New York’s New Power of Attorney

A few weeks back, I blogged about New York’s new Power of Attorney law and its possible implications for registration statements, Section 16 reports and Form 10-Ks. Since then, there has been disagreement among practitioners regarding how broadly the new law should be applied in the federal securities law context.

A number of working groups, including one from the New York State Bar, have been making efforts to introduce a technical amendments bill in New York would clarify some of the open issues – but it sounds like there are some issues that would remain outstanding even after those efforts. Plus, a technical amendment doesn’t appear on the fast-track and it’s not likely to be adopted soon.

In this podcast, Maureen Sladek of IBM provides some great insight by identifying the open issues and addressing how to handle them under New York’s new Power of Attorney law (including providing a set of FAQs and sample POA under the new law that she co-wrote with Evan Barth; see our “Power of Attorney” Practice Area for those), including:

– What’s the background on the New York Power of Attorney law?
– What are the biggest problems from a corporate perspective?
– Are there any efforts to fix these problems?
– What should companies do in the meantime?

Ask the Experts: Prepping for a Wild Proxy Season

In a few weeks, we’re holding a webcast entitled “Ask the Experts: Prepping for a Wild Proxy Season,” during which a panel of experts will provide practical guidance in a variety of areas that those grappling with the upcoming season know too well. This is your chance to get your questions answered by the best – shoot me an email with any proxy season questions you may have leading up to November 18th. Your identity will be kept anonymous.

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