September 24, 2009

ABA Task Force Report on Delineation of Governance Roles & Responsibilities

In this podcast, Holly Gregory of Weil Gotshal discusses the recently issued ABA Task Force Report on Delineation of Governance Roles & Responsibilities, including:

– How long did the process take to produce this Report?
– What are the Report’s major findings?
– Any surprises in the Report?
– What do you hope will happen in response to the Report?

More on “Poll Results: How Do You Look Up a SEC Rule?”

Below is some member feedback on my poll results regarding how folks look up SEC rules:

– I have gotten used to using the CFR, even though it’s only updated once a year. I figure I keep up with Corp Fin stuff enough that I know where recent changes are. I teach with someone from a big firm and she is confounded when I use the CFR.

– Back in my youth, even the lowliest green goods associate at Big Law got a huge 7-volume set of CCHs. It was full of annotations and references and regulatory history and no-action and interpretation cites that were helpful, especially when you didn’t know anything. Not sure if those are still around, but so much more information is readily available (like on this site) that I imagine it isn’t used much anymore due to a hefty price tag.

More on “The Mentor Blog”

We continue to post new items daily on our new blog – “The Mentor Blog” – for members. This blog might be misnamed – it’s not just about mentoring – it covers all types of developments and practice pointers that can prove useful in your daily practice.

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– Broc Romanek