September 30, 2009

The Coming Overhaul of the SEC’s Division of Enforcement

Yesterday, the SEC’s Inspector General issued a 46-page report with a list of 21 recommendations to improve the Division of Enforcement. In addition, the IG issued a 86-page report with a list of 37 recommendations to improve the Office of Inspections and Examinations. Implementation of these recommendations will result in a radical overhaul of these parts of the SEC.

Both Enforcement and OCIE concurred with the recommendations – and are required to submit corrective action plans to the IG within 45 days. Actual implementation of these corrective actions may take quite some time as some will require quite a bit of work (and funding), like the creation of a database for tips and complaints. Here is a WSJ article – and here is a NY Times article regarding the report.

What is “Axiom”? A New Legal Profession Model?

In this podcast, Mehul Patel of Axiom explains how Axiom works and how it can help lawyers find work as well as legal departments find staffing, including:

– What is Axiom?
– What types of lawyers are your clients looking for?
– What types of projects does Axiom most often get hired for?
– What has been the biggest surprise since Axiom started?

Our October Eminders is Posted!

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– Broc Romanek