June 9, 2009

The Latest Compensation Disclosures: A Proxy Season Post-Mortem

Tune into our webcast tomorrow – “The Latest Compensation Disclosures: A Proxy Season Post-Mortem” – to hear Dave Lynn, Mark Borges and Ron Mueller analyze how the executive compensation disclosures looked during this proxy season.

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In his “Proxy Disclosure Blog” last night, Mark does a great job of summarizing the recent news that Treasury may finally issue its executive compensation guidance this week – and that it may apply to all financial institutions, not just TARP participants. Mark also raises some good questions, such as whether the new “pay czar” will be responsible for interpreting ARRA guidance or whether it will be Treasury or someone else. Chaos reigns supreme.

PCAOB Chair Olson Resigns

Yesterday, the PCAOB announced that its Chair – Mark Olson – resigned for personal reasons, effective July 31st. Mr. Olson has been in the job nearly three years and was the PCAOB’s 2nd Chair. He didn’t mention whether he had any concrete plans for the future. This article recaps Mark’s PCAOB tenure.

I imagine he’s glad to avoid being at the PCAOB when the US Supreme Court decides the regulator’s fate this October. This NY Times article notes that the SEC will need to fill three of the five PCAOB Board slots in the coming months. I wonder who would agree to take a job on the Board now given that the future of the PCAOB is uncertain.

Introducing “The Mentor Blog”

We recently launched a new blog – “The Mentor Blog” – for members. Launching this blog was something I’ve been mulling over for quite some time, well before the financial meltdown led to so many scrambling for new jobs (and careers). Now that the transformation of the legal profession, the corporate secretary and IR worlds – and more – is in full swing, the time is “now” to help foster the conversation that hopefully will lead you to better manage your career. The goals of this blog are threefold:

– Provide practice pointers in the area of career development, regardless of the stage of your career

– Provide guidance on how to use technologies to make you more efficient and market yourself

– Provide guidance to newbies on basic areas of the law

As with our other blogs, this is a community blog. Contributions are welcome and encouraged from each and every one of you! Members can sign up to get that blog pushed out to them via email whenever there is a new entry by simply inputting their email address on the left side of that blog (just like you can accomplish that functionality for this blog). Here are topics covered in the blog so far:

– Networking with Your Legal Recruiter

– A Guide to Public Company Auditing

– Do Your Corporate Policies Consider Social Media?

– Overcoming the Challenges of “In Transition”

– “Quasi-Insider” Trading Question: Suppliers

– Obtaining a Job in a Tough Market

– Broc Romanek