June 1, 2009

Corp Fin’s New and Updated “Compliance and Disclosure Interpretations”

On Friday, Corp Fin issued two new batches of “CD&Is” (which is an easier acronym than the more accurate term of “C&DIs” that Corp Fin uses) and updated five sets of older CD&Is. The new CD&Is relate to XBRL and Regulation S-T. [The SEC’s Office of Interactive Disclosure also posted this new set of XBRL FAQs.]

The updated CD&Is relate to:

Regulation S-K (including some new executive compensation ones that Mark Borges blogged about on Friday)
Form 8-K
’34 Act Sections
’34 Act Rules
’34 Act Forms

“IDEA” is Dead! Long Live EDGAR!

As noted in this National Law Journal article, the SEC has settled the trademark infringement lawsuit brought against it by CaseWare International by agreeing to stop using “IDEA.” As I blogged a while back, Caseware has been using the IDEA name for twenty years and registered the name with the Patent and Trademark Office in ’01, well before the SEC began using the term.

In my opinion, this is a blessing in disguise for the SEC since Edgar is well-branded with investors and I thought it was a huge mistake to change the name last year. It looks like the SEC already has purged any vestiages of “IDEA” from its website. I sure hope they just stick with “Edgar” and not pick another new name. Long live Edgar!

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– Broc Romanek